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HS4CC Parents Share ASU Course Reviews

Many of our Homeschooling for College Credit parents have jumped into the Arizona State University Earned Admission program this year. Well, we have feedback and we’re ready to share! Want to know what other parents think of this program?

Overview: Arizona State University offers a unique program called Earned Admissions that allows students of all ages anywhere in the world to take their college courses for low cost and without risk. Students sign up with just an ID with no need to send transcripts or take placement tests. Each course costs $25 to start, and you only pay $400 at the end if you like the grade! If you don’t pay, there is no record of the course or grade. It’s an amazing low-risk high-reward method of satisfying many common general education requirements.

We maintain a thorough compilation of course reviews for ASU’s EA Program written by Homeschooling for College Credit parents from our community. Our parents are brutally honest about mature content, level of difficulty, quality of content, and what you really need to know before enrolling.

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“The labs are long and deal with long, drawn-out conversions of units. Pretty simple algebra or even straight forward conversions between things like light years and miles.” AST111

“My son (age 19) had to take this twice in order to pass with a low C.” MAT265

“There is no reading, it’s nearly all videos. Just a lot of writing.” ENG101

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Homeschool parents provide feedback from a different perspective than adults. In our community, families are using these courses to serve as a high school (or middle school) class in addition to earning college credit, so knowing what to expect is really helpful.


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If you enroll in one of ASU’s EA courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!