AP Deadline: March 12, 2021

Thinking you missed the Advanced Placement registration for 2021? I just learned today that the registration date was pushed to March 12, 2021!

Special AP info for homeschooled students

(from The College Board)

Parents and students cannot order AP Exams directly. Students who are homeschooled, independent study, attend virtual schools, or attend schools that don’t administer AP Exams will need to find a school to test at.

Update for 2020-21: The deadline for exam ordering will be extended to March 12 for homeschooled students, independent study students, virtual school students, or students from other schools unable to find a school to order an AP Exam for them by November 13. In early 2021, we will provide guidance about how to support students who cannot test in schools.

In our descriptions of virtual schools, virtual schools are those that exclusively offer online learning; this doesn’t include schools that may be offering distance learning this year in response to the ongoing pandemic. Similarly, “homeschooled students” are those who regularly and exclusively learn through a designated homeschool; this does not apply to students whose classes at their public or private school are being offered remotely due to the pandemic.

Homeschooled students and students whose schools don’t offer their AP subjects need to do the following as early in the school year as possible:

  • Use the AP Course Ledger to look up nearby schools where they might be able to test.
  • Contact the nearby schools to see if one of them can arrange testing. Students should remember that schools may have their own local deadlines and policies regarding testing outside students, particularly this year.


Modern States:  “test prep” course that follows a homeschool curriculum. Fully online, $0

Khan Academy: “test prep” course that follows a homeschool curriculum. Fully online, $0 

Emile:  independent curriculum and “test prep” course.  Fully online, $20/month 

Straighterline: AP designated curriculum and “test prep” course (limited to 4 courses)  Fully online, $99/month + $59 per course. 

Study.com: independent curriculum and “test prep” course.  Fully online, $39/month


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