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Help Needed for Family with IEP

Our HS4CC works best when it’s all brains on deck! If your teen has an IEP and you’ve navigated the CLEP and or PSAT process, please help this Ohio parent by sharing your experience.

CLEP IEP Question

“Our daughter is a 9th grader with an IEP with accommodations. She is going to be ready for her first CLEP test in February. The College Board has told me that we should work with the testing center to get her accommodations. For the other College Board testing (PSAT, SAT) we needed to apply for her accommodations with the College Board. Is it accurate for CLEP that we don’t work with the College Board to be sure her accommodations are in her profile/account with the College Board, but rather only work with the testing center at which she will take the test?”

PSAT/SAT Question

Do most local school districts apply for the PSAT/SAT accommodations for homeschooled IEP students residing in their districts? Our district is saying they don’t do it, but the College Board site suggests that the schools have experience applying for them and should be used whenever possible. Bottom line: I know parents can request them, and IF our districts don’t request them for Homeschooled IEP kids, I certainly will do it, but I want to do it correctly the first time. The College Board’s site makes it seem like there are a lot of ways parents will do something wrong in the process, resulting in no accommodations, so any advice for doing it well would be appreciated. Thank you!”


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit