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German Language Courses

CLEP exams offer students an opportunity to earn college credit in Spanish, French, and German. It’s easy to find Spanish and French classes, but today we’re bringing you classes for the much harder to find language: German!

Oklahoma State University’s German Online program offers up to 5 years of high school-level courses, including AP German. Students can optionally take the AP test or CLEP test when they feel they are ready, to optionally earn college credit. Colleges accepting these exams for credit, they will often grant between 3 and 12 college credits.

Courses cost $350/year for German levels I-IV, and $450/year for AP German.

Jennifer’s Note: if your target college accepts CLEP and AP, you’ll have to choose between them – you can’t get credit for both German exams. Help me choose.

The courses include online materials such as videos, animation, and sound files to practice vocabulary, explain grammar points, and introduce the culture of German-speaking countries. Most video clips and sound files come with information sheets that students fill in as they watch and listen. There are also computer exercises and worksheets, as well as potential group and class activities for additional practice. Quizzes are taken online and graded by the computer. Tests are taken online and graded by OSU, including verbal speaking tests. Courses include weekly 15-minute individual tutoring sessions with OSU instructors or tutors.

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Oklahoma State University

My kids have been using this for a while. The videos are super outdated, but they get the job done.

Sara H. Homeschooling for College Credit parent

Courses have flexible enrollment and OSU does not determine course deadlines. Courses can be taken over a summer, a semester, or an entire year. OSU will return grades to the sponsoring school, co-op, or homeschool parent. Course grades are determined by the instructors at the receiving homeschool or institution.

You work at whatever pace you need. There are roughly 150 days of lessons per level, but you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. Skype sessions must be scheduled each time.
-Sara H.

Additional program information can be found on their website.

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