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Black History Month: HBCU

I just listened to Sasha Raiyn of wdnt 101.9 on NPR about how COVID 19 has helped black families discover homeschooling. I’ve linked to the story below, but don’t overlook the “play” button on top of the story – you can listen to the interview. The pilot program Sasha talks about in Detroit and features 14 families. It is called Engaged Detroit. Read/listen here

One question for parents taking the deep dive into homeschooling while many schools are closed: What’s the plan if and when schools and work return to “normal?” 

“Right now, I’m really not sure,” says homeschooler Linda Pennington. “I’m just taking it day by day by day.”

Engage Detroit

I feel tremendous compassion for all families who have been forced to homeschool during the pandemic. I imagine being forced to educate your kids in any way you didn’t choose is incredibly difficult and stressful. I believe firmly in exercising educational choice for families, which includes those who want to use public or private schools!

But, for all families that are embracing homeschooling for the first time, especially black families, I want to help them understand the numerous benefits of bringing college credit into your homeschool and making college a reality for your teens.

I’ve decided to highlight Historically Black Colleges and Universities for Black History Month (February) starting on the 1st. Join me as we look at how parents can Homeschool for College Credit at these colleges, and tap into the great opportunities for saving time and money! I hope this helps ALL members of our community feel supported and encouraged. Starts on February 1st.


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