Sweet Sentiments

Nothing makes me more happy than hearing how the support of our Homeschooling for College Credit community helped your family take the plunge and earn college credit! For Valentine’s Day today, I wanted to share some lovely messages that have appeared over on our Facebook page. If you haven’t started earning college credit yet, I hope you can draw encouragement from these parents whose kids all started with zero college credits and are accomplishing great things!!!

Anyad Definitely one glimmer from 2020 is that I think it really advanced online dual credit, made colleges become more competitive, offered great discounts, suspended testing, and opened more doors for homeschoolers!

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Lisa Oldest had enough high school credits to graduate this year but elected to take a senior year to take the AP Latin test at the end of the year and some dual enrollment. She earned 7 Sophia credits, 2 CLEP tests (American History 2 and American Government) and 2 completed ASU EA classes. I was feeling down about this year and all of the challenges we’ve faced, but when I reflect, it really was a very good year in which a lot was accomplished.

Christine My Sophomore got her first 2 classes done with SOPHIA , ENG 101 and Psychology ( for free yay!!) working on the 3. ( college Algebra with ASU ) 😊

Anna I finished my Bachelors 🙂 Waiting on grades…Thomas Edison

Heike This fall semester our daughter took 5 Classes at the community college, 4 towards the AA, 1 towards a certificate. President’s List. 4 more classes in spring 2021 to finish AA and the certificate & graduate high school in May…Lord willing! 🙂. So proud of our girl! She worked hard!

Amy This year my son earned 12 credits through ASU and the local community college, 42 credits through Sophia, and 12 credits through CLEP/DSST (had to drive to the next state over to find an open testing center!) This puts him at ~90 credits total. He is planning on getting his Associate’s from COSC in the spring and bachelor’s later in 2021.

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Bambi 12 credits left to earn AA at the same time she graduates high school. President’s List and passed first CLEP with a 63!

Prairie My youngest (16) finished her first semester at the community college (all online)- took 4 classes & did great – a much needed confidence boost for her.

Amber My daughter (11th grade) took 2 classes at JBU over the summer and then 3 at NWACC this fall and got all A’s!

Kali My 13 year old earned 3 credits via CLEP, 11 via Sophia (finishing a class today!), and 7 via ASU for a total (earned over time) of 35 credits! This was on top of his normal rigorous classical homeschool curriculum.

Jen My son (14) earned 8 credit hours taking Calculus 1 and Cellular Biology. He got As in both classes.

Kristen My 16yr old now has 23 college credits and is set for spring semester. My 18yr old did many of your steps and now has 115 credits. She still has a few years to go due to moving but your advice and guidance allowed her to do what she wanted!

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Brit After completing 27 college credits during homeschool high school & graduating this past June, my oldest (11) completed his 1st matriculated college semester in Game Programming & Design with a 4.0!! 🥳

Sara My son started his junior year and now will graduate high school with 30 college credits done. He finished his freshman and part of his sophomore year! He has already been accepted for the fall of 2021.

Kendra This year my teen took 2 CLEP and passed them, bring his total to three and is getting ready to take his fourth. He also completed his first semester in college as a high school junior – dual credit student, 12 hours. He missed straight A’s by one point and made the Dean’s list. I am so proud! Homeschooling rocks!!💕

Nicole My kids took extra dual credit classes when we went into lockdown in the spring and my college bound senior “accidently” finished his associates before heading to college last fall. My daughter will graduate in May with her degree, too.

Angie My Junior son completed 20 college credits through dual enrollment and Arizona State Earned Admissions with almost all As, and is set to have at least 15 more credits done in the Spring with dual enrollment plus one ASU class. Our Freshman daughter has began ASU Earned Admissions Biology and will complete several college classes with ASU by the end of her Freshman year as she dips her toes into college work! Thank you to this site for all of your guidance!

Rebecca My daughter has over 35 college credits through dual enrollment and will graduate with 39 credits and lots of amazing scholarships for her top university picks in May!

Melissa My son (junior) was smart & took advantage of the many reduced tuition offers we could find for dual enrollment. At the end of spring semester he will have earned an entire year’s worth of college credits 🙌🏽

Maggie In May 2020, my 19 year old graduated from one of our state schools with his BS in accounting and then got a job working from home. My youngest just turned 18 and is ending 2020 with close to 80 credits.

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Carolina My Senior teen has 34 credits through dual enrollment,14 credits are scheduled for Spring. At the point of high school graduation on May, he will has 48 college credits under is belt and a Business Administration Technical Certification.

Jodi My hs sophomore complete his first CC class, International Relations/Political Sci, with an A! It was a grueling experience, and we both learned a lot about where some of his weaknesses are (and strengths), so we will spend this next semester working on those.

Dana My daughter passed her first CCP class (speech) with a 99.53%. She loved it. Hoping the next two classes spring semester go just as smoothly!

Karen My son finished German 101 & College Algebra online through Louisiana State University-Shreveport. He’s registered for German 102 & US History for the spring.

Rexann My son, who is a senior, has earned 44 college credits so far: 11 with AP and the rest with community college classes. He has a 4.0 GPA.

Shenty My 16 year old daughter completed 12 credits this year and was invited to join the college debate team due to her outstanding speeches in her Speech class.

Karen My senior finished 10 hours with a total of 24 done with a 4.0. 10 more spring semester!

Connie My daughter finished 2 classes this semester through Concordia Wisconsin online, American Government and Psychology. 6 more credits under her belt!

Amanda My 15yo son: 5 CLEP classes and 3 dual enrollment classes completed this past year! Planning on 8 more dual enrollment and 2 more CLEP classes.

Melissa My 16 year old earned 13 credits this semester at our local community college!

Jamie My 14 year old took her first two community college classes and passed with high As.

Wendy My son completed 13 college credits and clepped out of college algebra this semester.

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Betty My 16 yr old earned 9 credits in fall semester with all A’s (DE) and starts spring semester next week for another 9. On track for AA by graduating hs.

Crystal Daughter 2 has disabilities with processing and language (auditory processing), took online option at community college for public speaking. passed with A. grades were based on written work, and 2 recorded speeches given in front of small audience. WOW!

Amanda My 11th grader got 6 hours of college credit via dual enrollment! Eng 101 & PSY 101. Working on CLEP college algebra now & 2 more classes this spring! I’m proud of her!


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