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Good to Know: CLEP Testing Center Mask Policy

Here are some things you’ll want to know if you’re taking a CLEP exam this year.

  • Modern States Free CLEP vouchers can be renewed or extended (contact Modern States).
  • College Board registration tickets can be renewed or extended (contact College Board).
  • Testing centers are limiting the number of students who can test at one time. Having taken my own CLEP tests in crowded testing centers, this is a GREAT perk!
  • Testing centers are socially distancing the computer stations. (Thank you!)
  • Testing centers are cleaning the computers and desks. (Frankly, about time.)

Mask Policy

Follow local governmental guidelines regarding masks/face coverings.
In locations where governmental guidelines require wearing a mask in public:
o Test center staff must wear a mask.
o Test takers must wear a mask that they provide for themselves. Test centers will not provide masks for
test takers.
o The masks do not need to be medical grade; homemade masks, bandanas, and scarfs are acceptable as
long as they cover the user’s nose and mouth.
o Refuse admission to test takers who arrive without a mask where local guidelines require masks.

In locations where governmental guidelines DO NOT require wearing a mask in public, masks are optional for test center staff and test takers.
o CLEP recommends staff to wear masks and gloves even if not required by governmental guidelines.
o Test centers must allow test takers to wear masks even if not required by governmental guidelines.

In all locations, whether or not governmental guidelines require wearing masks or gloves, the following guidelines should be observed:
• Test takers who bring masks may wear their masks during the entirety of their time at the test center.
• Test takers must remove their masks briefly to verify identity. Masks may remain on during the entire test.
• TCAs don’t need to closely examine test takers’ masks. However, TCAs should be extra vigilant during testing to watch for any test taker misconduct related to the masks, such as removing/storing notes or other
prohibited items.
• Test takers are allowed to wear rubber gloves. Visually inspect the gloves (without touching them) to confirm that there is no writing on them.


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