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CLEP Keeps Growing

Today, I want to share a section from my book Homeschooling for College Credit.  I’m often asked if I think CLEP is starting to decline in popularity or acceptance. I don’t have to guess- we have data!

We sometimes hear parents worry that CLEP won’t be available, or that it may decline in popularity.  The truth is that CLEP has been around for a while, and it continues to gain acceptance and participation on a global level.  While CLEP’s sister brand, Advanced Placement, is generally targeting high school students, CLEP remains open to anyone of any age- young or old!  When did you first hear of CLEP?  For me, I remember exactly – 2005 in the book Accelerated Distance Learning.  Since I’d been working as a college administrator, student advisor, and faculty member for over decade at the time, I was sure CLEP wasn’t legit.  After all, if it was legit, why didn’t my college/employer teach me about it?   Why weren’t we telling our students about it?  Spoiler alert:  I was on the wrong team.  Now I’m on the right team, and thrilled to tell everyone who cares to listen!

1965:  First testing center

1967:  50 testing centers in the United States (1st exam administered)

1970:  2,000 exams administered in the United States

1972:  500 testing centers, CLEP accepted by 50 colleges

1979:  1,000 testing centers, CLEP accepted by 1,800 colleges

1990:  High school students began using CLEP exams

2001:  CLEP exam’s format changed from paper to computer

2004:  201,089 exams administered worldwide

2015:  6,000,000 exams administered worldwide

2018:  1,400 testing sites worldwide

2020:  1,700 testing sites worldwide

2020:  2,900 accredited institutions grant credit for CLEP

(this represents just over 1/2 of all accredited colleges and universities in the USA)


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