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Summer School = College Credit

Residential summer school is coming back! Today I have 2 universities to share with you that are offering on-campus programs this summer that include housing and college credit. These programs are both offered through private Christian Universities that are regionally accredited, but I’m expecting to see a slight return to normal this summer and we should expect to have an abundance of Christian and secular options coming soon.

Summer school is not to be confused with dual enrollment. Often, colleges have specific courses that they allow for dual enrollment and a formalized application process. This is not generally the case with summer school. Many colleges, even Harvard University, will allow high school students the opportunity to enroll for summer school on campus, online, or through study abroad separate and apart from any dual enrollment program.

For any summer program you’re considering, there are 4 important things to check in advance:

  1. Confirm that the college / university is regionally accredited.
  2. Confirm that the course(s) are worth college credit issued by the college and are recorded on an official college transcript. Don’t assume this is true. Sometimes the college credit is issued by a third party (American Council Education) and they hold the record. In cases like that, the credit isn’t as likely to transfer to your future target college.
  3. What happens if your teen doesn’t pass?
  4. What is included in the program cost, and what costs are extra?

Like dual-enrollment, graded credits are recorded on an official transcript, and poor grades have to be disclosed on future college applications. That said, summer school is a wonderful opportunity to earn 3 or more credits for future use. Most summer school programs range from 5–8 weeks so that they can be at a faster pace than a traditional 16-week semester. For this reason, it may be best to limit your teen’s workload to no more than 2 courses.


Taylor University (Indiana)

Type: Private 4-year Christian University

Program Name: On Campus Summer Institute

Length: 2 weeks

Housing/meals: yes

College credit: 2 courses (3 credits total)

Cost: $1,230

More information

June 21-July 2, 2021

Summer Institute is a program for high school students ready to experience college. Students are immersed in college life on campus while taking two college-level courses for 3 total credits. This program is open to students who have finished their junior year of high school and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.The Summer Institute Experience

Students get to:

  • Live on campus and experience college life
  • Earn two credits for a foundations college level course
  • Gain one credit for an interest-specific college level course
  • Learn from experienced Taylor professors
  • Connect with academically-driven Christian students from around the world
  • Participate in social and service activities

What to Expect

Dates: June 21-July 2, 2021

Courses Offered: All students will take the Foundations of Christian Liberal Arts course, and will have the opportunity to choose one additional course from the following options: The Roosevelts or Creative Writing in a Flash: Short-form Fiction and Nonfiction.

Cost: The total cost is $1,230. This includes a $30 application fee and $1,200 for room and board. $50 of the room and board cost is counted as a matriculation fee and must be paid before May 25th. The credit-bearing tuition is offered for free.

Summer Programs Scholarship: This $1,000 one-time scholarship is awarded to students who enroll full-time at Taylor University who have attended an eligible summer camp, academy, or conference on Taylor’s campus during high school and prior to senior year, and completed the required scholarship process while on-campus during the camp or conference.

Who Can Attend: Students who have finished their junior year of high school and have a minimum 3.0 GPA

How to Get Started:

  1. Explore the Courses Offered in 2021
  2. Learn about our Application Requirements
  3. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Course Offerings

Every year, all Summer Institute students take one foundations course and a second course specific to their interests.

Foundational Course:

Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts
Taught by Dr. Jeff Cramer. An introduction to the integration of faith and learning, and the value of a liberal arts education. The course seeks to answer two primary questions: What does it mean to flourish as a Christian living in this creation? What do the liberal arts have to do with this flourishing?

The course is taught in four sections with significant discussion about what it means to live in a right relationship with God, neighbor, creation, and self.

Elective Courses:

Application Requirements for the Summer Institute Program

Summer Institute is open to students who have finished their junior year of high school* and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. It is recommended that participating students be in the top 15% of their high school class.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2021

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Cedarville University (Ohio)

Type: Private 4-year Christian University

Program name: Summer Scholars Program

Length: 2 weeks

Housing/Meals: yes

College credit: 1 course (3 credits)

Cost: $999 (free for eligible Ohio CCP students)

More information

June 12-June 26, 2021

Welcome to Summer Scholars, Cedarville’s residential College Now option! Whether you are new to College Now or have already completed course work at Cedarville, Summer Scholars will be a highlight of your summer break.

Summer Scholars provides high school students with the opportunity to experience college life and earn 3 hours of college credit. Choosing one of five classes, you’ll study with a top Cedarville University professor in a small class setting while you enjoy campus life for two weeks.

Who: Students planning to graduate from high school in 2022 or 2023
What: Choose one of five fast-track general education courses; live on campus; enjoy study sessions and fun activities with new friends
Date: Saturday, June 12- Saturday, June 26, 2021
Where: Cedarville’s beautiful campus in southwest Ohio
How Much: The cost to attend Summer Scholars is $999. This includes tuition* for your 3-credit course ($175/credit hour), housing and meals ($474), and all activities.

*Ohio students may qualify for free tuition through College Credit Plus. Check with your high school guidance counselor!

Exciting Course Options ‡

BTGE 1725 The Bible and the Gospel
ECON 2110 Essentials of Economics
GSS 1100 Politics and American Culture
HIST 1120 U.S. History II
PYCH 1600 General Psychology


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