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New “self-paced” Dual Enrollment Option!

In today’s post, I want to tell you about a new Dual Enrollment option that is unique because they offer SELF PACED classes! The details about the program are below, and also info about a free online event where I’ve invited them to share more about their program and allow us to ask questions.

Let’s start with the basics:

YES, they are regionally accredited.

YES, the credit will transfer into other colleges and universities.

YES, it is open to families from any state.

YES, you can start anytime- any day.

NO, there aren’t any placement tests.

NO, there aren’t any GPA requirements.

Taylor University (Indiana)
Private 4-year *religious university

Program Name: (for anyone) Online Pre-College

Program Name: (for local students only) “Pre-College Dual Credit”

Eligibility: ages 16-19

Cost: $200 per credit (local students pay $25/credit)

Schedule: start the day your register. You have 4 months to complete your class

Availability: any 100 or 200 level class. (300-400 with permission)

Max: 24 credits at a discounted rate.

Special note: groups of 5 or more students can request to have a private class cohort! Noelle Brennan can answer questions if your group would like to set this up (allow a minimum of 2 months for her to set this up)

Want a face to face experience? Your teen can participate in their residential summer program this year! It is 2 weeks long and allows students to live in dorms while taking 2 college classes. The cost is $1,200 and includes EVERYTHING (meals, dorm, books, tuition, fees, etc.)


Taylor University Dual Enrollment

FREE for HS4CC Families

Wednesday 4/14/2021

2:00pm EST



Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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  1. My daughter goes to Taylor and took one of these classes and it was so hard and she is an excellent student.

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