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Tuition Sale: Taylor University

Taylor University is running a tuition deal on their self-paced online dual enrollment courses! Get any 3-credit course for $400. Details below.

Taylor University (Indiana)

  • Private 4-year *religious university
  • Program Name: Online Pre-College,
  • Cost: $400 per 3-credit online courses (1, 2, or 4-credit courses EXCLUDED)
  • Enrollment: Ages 16-19, no placement tests, no GPA requirement
  • Have 1 week to determine if the class is a good fit before any penalty – financial or academic.

Complete the enrollment form and pay for a 3 credit hour course between May 15th – July 31st and the tuition is $400 total.

Please note, when you pay for the course, you will start the next day and have 4 months to complete the course.

Dual Enrollment Online Courses

3 Quick Tips

TIP 1: High school students should choose courses with numbers 100-299. Special permission is generally needed for 300+ course numbers.

TIP 2: Any 3 credit graded college course is worth 1 high school credit.

TIP 3: When in doubt, choose Liberal Arts courses (orange). These are most likely to meet your teen’s general education requirements at their future college.

Course List (2021)









Professional Writing

Multimedia Writing

Fine Arts

Criminal Justice





Social Work


New “self-paced” Dual Enrollment Option!

In today’s post, I want to tell you about a new Dual Enrollment option that is unique because they offer SELF PACED classes! The details about the program are below, and also info about a free online event where I’ve invited them to share more about their program and allow us to ask questions.


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