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Breaking News: CLEP at Home!

This is the post I’ve been dying to write! Since COVID-19, the #1 most asked question is “will we ever get to take a CLEP at home?” College Board just made history and is allowing you to take your CLEP exam at home!!!

The College Board announced this month that remote (at home via webcam) CLEP exams are available. There have been a LOT of people asking for this option, especially since they offered Advanced Placement exams remotely last year. This change is *huge* for our community! The College Board information page is long (I will link it below) and there are a lot of details, so rather than cover everything in this announcement, I just wanted to share a few of the highlights that I know you want to know asap.

Quick Facts

What is remote proctoring? Each CLEP exam taken at home has the same timing, content, format, and on-screen experience as the test you would take at a CLEP test center. Your at-home appointment will be monitored by a human proctor online through Proctortrack, CLEP’s remote proctoring partner.

What if I can’t take my CLEP remotely? What if I don’t want to? You can still take a CLEP exam at a CLEP test center. Use the CLEP test center search tool to find one near you. CLEP exam centers will continue offering exams, the new home option is simply being added.

What kind of tech do I need? What kind of room? To participate in remote proctoring, you must have a computer (PC only, no Macs), webcam, speaker, microphone, a white board or one sheet of paper in a transparent sheet protector and a dry erase marker for note taking, and a quiet, secure testing environment.

The CLEP site has a pretty long list that explains a lot about the testing conditions for at-home exams. I strongly encourage you to read the full page here:

What ages can participate? 13 and older only. (younger than 13 must go to a testing center)

What special accommodations are available? Screen magnification, modifiable screen colors, extended time, and untimed rest breaks. Approved accommodations that don’t impact the CLEP testing platform, such as permission for food, drinks, or medication and permission to test blood sugar, can also be used with remote-proctored CLEP exams as long as the test taker stays within view of the proctor.

What costs are involved? Currently, the remote proctoring fee is $30 per exam and the CLEP exam costs $89 for those who don’t know about Modern States! Modern States will cover the cost of your exam and proctor fee (details below).

Link to official College Board CLEP -at-home Page

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