HELP: My CLEP registration expired

We have great news. If your teen’s CLEP registration expired for any reason, CLEP is giving everyone an opportunity to take their exams at home.

Expired Registration

CLEP registration tickets are valid for 6 months and can be used at any CLEP test center. If you already have a registration ticket and would like to switch from testing at a CLEP test center to testing at home, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to CLEP My Account to change your preferred test center. 
  2. Go to the My Account Overview page and click on the appropriate exam under Active Exam Registrations. Scroll down to the Preferred Test Center section and click on Edit this information. Select the at home with remote proctoring option and hit Save
  3. You’ll then be taken to the Checkout & Registration page which will display the $30 remote proctoring fee.
  4. After placing your order, you’ll receive an email from CLEP confirming that your registration has been updated.
  5. Go to the Proctortrack website to create an account and schedule your exam appointment. 

Don’t forget that your $30 remote proctoring fee (or testing center fee) are reimbursable through Modern States!

Modern States- Yes, CLEP is free $0

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