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Happy Posts from April

A small sample of the many posts our members shared in April offering encouragement and inspiration. April showers bring May flowers and apparently LOTS of college credit! If your teen earns even ONE college credit in high school, he’s ahead!! Are you ready?

My second teen is about to graduate with her associates degree in a couple weeks! She’s on her last two classes. We never really intended to get degrees, just use dual credit to round out high school. She’s off to a 4 year college in fall. Having finished his associates in high school, her older brother has been able to double major and minor at his university. We love the time and money saver that dual credit offers. -Nicole H

My 13 year old will have 78 credit hours after today’s final exams and grades are posted. She also got into PTK this semester. (It was supposed to happen last year but they didn’t process it COVID workplace changes it fell through the cracks).She also took 2 graduate level (yes Master’s) Mathematics classes last year when she was 12. They are listed as undergraduate independent study because she doesn’t have her BS yet. She is working on an Advanced STEM Certificate, 5 Star Certification, and a Competitive Edge Certificate and will probably get a few more before she is finished. -Frances B

My HS homeschooled senior just passed calculus CLEP and will get the math credit for college! Thank you for the wonderful info you offer on this site! -Amy C

We started homeschooling our 9th grader last July. I was so lucky to find this amazing community and was encouraged by all the successful stories posted here. Today, I am happy to share that my 14-year-old daughter passed her first CLEP Spanish Level 1 and Level 2 on Monday, with a 74 and she has earned 16 potential credits. We couldn’t be more grateful to Jennifer and the Homeschooling for College Credit community! Thank you for sharing your wisdom ❤. We are so excited! -Diana P

My daughter is a high school freshman and she passed the History of the US 1 CLEP test…her first college credit! I’m so proud of her and her hard work! So glad we found Homeschooling for College Credit! -Helen M

My son attended a Christian school through 10th grade. We found that they didn’t have enough AP or diversity of classes to nurture his interest so we withdrew him and registered him as “dual enrolled” at our community College. He will receive his associates this month and because he was technically homeschooled those last 2 years we have applied to the state of NJ for a state issued diploma. He is 17. He is going to a large university in the fall and nearly all of his gen ed requirements are done. -Eric & Nicole L

My twins just took the final for Coopersmith’s Sports & Exercise Psychology for Upper Level credits. -Cherie L

My 8 year old earned his first college credits after acing college algebra. -Jules Q

My senior will earn 13 credits this semester through dual enrollment. He will graduate with 57 credits at the end of May, earned through DE and AP. -Rexann W

My daughter got As in both of her dc classes from ORU this semester (Bio 101 lecture and lab and American Government & Politics). Brings her tally up to 16 hours! -Alyssa B

My 14 year anniversary of passed her first CLEP this s month: US History 1. So excited!! -Courtney M

My senior daughter just walked out of her final for ASU’s new accounting course. An A! Hooray! That makes 34 hours – she’s trying to get that calculus credit over the summer. That’s a whole year off of her major! -Ann D

Finals for our youngest (Junior in HS) were yesterday. 9 Credit hours from Calvary University this term, 15 this semester. That’s 33 DE credit hours for him so far. He’s on target to exceed our oldest son’s accomplishments for DE — which paved the way for him to earn 2 degrees and a masters in 4 years. LOVE DE & Homeschooling for College Credit! -Brian C

Proud of my daughter . She is getting ready to finish her 3rd community college class at IVC , she is now 15 years old . French 1-French 2- conversational French – done ! -Deborah B

Sean’s Story: CLEP was a Game-changer

I am thrilled to share with you this homeschooling success story of how Sara used CLEP in her homeschool with her son Sean during 11th (and now 12th) grade. She posted her celebration inside our Illinois HS4CC Facebook group and gave me permission to share it with you here. I know you’ll find it as…


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