COVID $ for Dual Enrollment?

Just this week, I’ve read announcements that multiple states are releasing major amounts of grant/financial aid dollars as a response to COVID and encouraging a re-enrollment initiative. It appears as if the decision to implement this type of program is coming from the state level.

I encourage you to reach out inside your Homeschooling for College Credit state group, visit your local community college’s website, and scan your state’s .gov page for clues about possible programs in your area. I do NOT have a good database since my info is coming in bits and pieces through the news, but with fall registration happening NOW, I encourage everyone to check locally and see if your teen qualifies for any of these grants/scholarships/programs.

Dual enrollment high school students are in their own category of student type, so your high school students may qualify for DIFFERENT programs than your high school graduates. This has been the case in my family (we live in North Carolina) where 2 of my sons qualified for free tuition under different guidelines for different courses using different grants- so be sure to check thoroughly! I’m sharing the link to my state’s info, but if YOU know of a COVID grant for your state, you can send the link to me and I’ll send it out to everyone.

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