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DSST Practice Exams

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It’s always best to take a few practice tests before any credit by exam test. There are a good number of DSST practice exams (some for free) available to help you get ready for the “real” test!

DSST Practice Exams

Peterson’s Practice Tests – a “tried and true” exam resource that gives you a very accurate gauge of your readiness for the real exam. If you’ve used Peterson’s in the past, you’ll notice that they no longer sell a practice test package- they now offer a subscription ($39/month) so you’ll want to wait until you’re within a month of taking the real exam before you subscribe. Use coupon code STUDY10 for 10% off.

Mastering the DSST eBook (you can order paperback from Amazon, but the eBook version is free). Includes 12 full-length DSST tests, each offering post-test with detailed answer explanations. Download here –> MasteringDSSTExams

Free DSST practice tests at   for most exams.

High School Medical Classes

If your teen is considering a career in a health or medical field, I have some interesting electives you can add to your high school curriculum to give them a head start. These aren’t worth college credit (you’ll award high school credit), but some, like those offered through the American Red Cross, result in certification…

Breaking News: CLEP at Home!

This is the post I’ve been dying to write! Since COVID-19, the #1 most asked question is “will we ever get to take a CLEP at home?” College Board just made history and is allowing you to take your CLEP exam at home!!!

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