Parent Question: Where can I find a list of CLEP exams offered?

Q: Where can I find a list of CLEP exams offered? 

A: The official College Board website maintains a list of CLEP exams. This list does not vary by location, so if a testing center offers one exam, they offer them all. The full list follows:

These links will take you to the official entry for each exam at The College Board’s website.

Composition and Literature

World Languages

History and Social Sciences

Science and Mathematics


Math in Your Homeschool: CLEP

At some point in your teen’s math sequence, you’ll cross over into math topics that are also part of a typical college math sequence.  This transition begins just after Algebra 1, and if parents are aware of this shift, it can result in significant amounts of college credit!

CLEP Literature Exams

There are 3 ways to earn college credit in literature through CLEP. Each exam is a bit different, but if you have a strong reader, this set is really the trifecta!


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