Parent Question: How many CLEPs can my teen take?

Q: What’s the maximum CLEP exams a student can take?

A: I’ve got great news- there is no limit! I think that the amount YOUR teen takes is a combination of three important factors.

  1. What subjects is your teen taking in high school? This is an important consideration, in my opinion, because my advice is to always bring college credit into your homeschool plan instead of trying to morph your homeschool plan to the whims of one or two colleges. If you’re planning to study Biology, then take the CLEP biology too. If you’re planning to study Literature, then take a CLEP Literature exam too. When you bring CLEP into your plan, it will always be a good way to add frosting on the cake!
  2. Does your teen test well? Some students really enjoy the testing process and others are incredibly stressed out by it. If your teen doesn’t mind taking tests, then CLEP is a great option and I would encourage you to use it often. If testing stresses your teen to the point that they aren’t excited about earning college credit this way, then my advice is to try one and go from there. CLEP may not be a good fit for your Homeschooling for College Credit plan, and that’s ok! There are plenty of other ways to earn college credit!
  3. Is your teen targeting top tier universities? There are about 3,800 colleges and universities in this country, and most of them participate in CLEP to some degree, but if you’re targeting the very top tier elite colleges (think: Top 30), CLEP is not for you. If your teen is NOT targeting a top tier university, take every CLEP you can!!

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