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U.S. Government Credit


I have a great resource list for those who want to teach U.S Government course this year that lines up with CLEP.

These resources are MORE THAN ENOUGH to DIY a full-year program ending in CLEP. If you only want to do 1 semester, you’ll have to pick and choose.

Beyond high school credit, the CLEP American Government exam yields 3 college credits.

NOTE: if your teen has already taken AP American Government test or a college class called American Government, the CLEP will likely duplicate those credits- meaning a college won’t award credit twice for the same course.

8-page downloadable Vocabulary Booklet

2-page downloadable list of Court Cases

Modern States Free Online Prep Course – complete this and receive a voucher that pays for your CLEP exam

13-hour video course on The Constitution (free)

Sparks Notes for American Government / Politics

Khan Academy AP US Govt. Video Course (you can use this for CLEP!)

Official website of the USA Government

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  1. This was the only one I couldn’t get to work:
    13-hour video course on The Constitution (free)

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