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Announcement: New ASU Portal

Our new ASU partnership portal allows HS4CC parents access to a variety of college courses without the red tape, transcript submissions, age restrictions, lengthy admissions processes, and regulations typically found at local colleges and universities. We receive no compensation from ASU for this program, but we DO receive access to special courses and programs that you can’t get if you use their regular portal.

New students can simply register directly through our portal at

Existing students should email with their ASURITE ID and student name and request to be moved to the HS4CC portal.

For those who participated in our beta course program with ASU last fall, you may remember a similar process when we all moved to the HS platform. Moving to the new HS4CC portal will not, in any way, interfere with classes students are or have been enrolled in. The transfer process is seamless to the student. Students will be able to access the portal via the standard login or by using the portal, once the transfer is complete, or once a new student who has requested an account using the portal address above receives their ASURITE ID. Please DO NOT request a new login if the student already has an ASURITE ID!

Students WILL see the new Psychology course offered in a self-paced 15 week format in the fall! This format is currently only available in the HS or HS4CC portals, and has not been released to the general public! Self paced courses still have interaction with an instructor and other students via the Discussion Forums, but they do not have deadlines throughout the semester.

Self paced courses allow my family to weave additional college credit into our normal schedule without risk of being overloaded with deadlines that might compete with teacher-led or local community college courses that are less flexible.

For those who are not familiar with ASU’s amazing Universal Learner (UL) program, formerly called Earned Admissions (EA), the program allows students of any age to take a course for a mere $25, and only pay tuition of $400 at the end if they like the grade and want it on a transcript. If not, there’s no record of the course – and no record of failure! It’s a one of a kind program that allows students to dip a toe in the dual credit/enrollment waters without risking their GPA.

Dual Enrollment = Email Etiquette

“In the age of social media, many students approach emailing similar to texting and other forms of digital communication, where the crucial conventions are brevity and informality. But most college teachers consider emails closer to letters than to text messages. This style of writing calls for more formality.” -Paul T. Corrigan and Cameron Hunt McNabb

SAT: Stressing About Testing

“A class of children sit revising for make-or-break exams to get them into the college of their choice. It’s the sort of scene that could be seen in high schools across the world but for one important difference: The pupils have intravenous drips hanging over their desks. The image is taken from footage that claims to…