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Common Transcript Questions about ASU’s UL Program

Homeschooling for College Credit families use Arizona State University’s Universal Learner (formerly called Earned Admission) program because it allows parents a VERY affordable ($25) opportunity to test out dual enrollment for their teens with low risk (only pay tuition if you like your grade and want college credit). Here are a few of the most common answers to your questions about the ASU EA program.

Q: If a student pays the $400 to have a course added to their transcript, is it on a regular ASU transcript or one that is just from their EA program?

All courses are on a standard ASU transcript, as if you were a regular ASU student.

Q: Is there any notation on the transcript that the course was taken online?


Q: How long do I have to upgrade the course for credit?

Students must upgrade for credit, and pay the $25 fee, within the first week of the course.

Q. What is required to upgrade for credit?

A. Pay $25 and show a photo ID. Driver’s License, passport, school ID’s, military/dependent ID’s have all been used successfully, and a few people have used homeschool ID’s and co-op ID’s. The student’s photo and full name should be visible. Birthdate is also helpful.

Q. How are self-paced courses transcripted?

A. The start and end dates are shown on the transcript for self-paced courses.

Q. If I don’t like my grade, or decided not to finish the course, what will my ASU transcript have on it?

A. Nothing. The course does not show up on the transcript until the student pays $400 at the END of the course, after the final grade is known.

Q. How long do I have to put the course on a transcript?

A. Up to 1 year after completion of the course.

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