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New ASU UL Course: Introduction to Psychology PSY 101

Our new partnership with ASU’s Universal Learning program means you get FRONT OF THE LINE ACCESS to new programs and courses. We are super excited to tell you about the NEW COURSE Introduction to Psychology!

Psychology is a common general education/core course for many degrees, so our members in the ASU for Homeschoolers group and HS4CC community are particularly excited about this.

If you’ve never taken an ASU Universal Learner course, you can get started here:

ASU Universal Learner HS4CC Portal

For those who have signed up for courses via our new HS4CC ASU portal, you should see this new 15 week self-paced course offering in your dashboard, in addition to the teacher-led option launching in Fall 2021.

For those who have taken ASU courses but not yet started using our HS4CC partnership portal, please email your ASURITE ID and student name to and request to be added to the HS4CC portal.

As always, we have uploaded the course syllabi to HS4CC’s ASU for Homeschoolers Facebook group for your review!

For more information on ASU’s Universal Learner Program, please see our ASU page, where you will find additional details, course reviews by homeschoolers, tuition discount programs and much more!

What’s the difference between ASU’s various course programs?

Since this summer, we’ve been BIG FANS of Arizona State’s Earned Admissions program for our homeschooling community, but since that time we’ve learned of a few other options you might like to know about. But what’s the difference between these programs and how do they fit into a Homeschooling for College Credit program?

Taking College Courses through ASU Digital Prep

ASU’s Digital Prep program offers 2 interesting options to high school students. Students who wish to use their full-time high school program can take up to 2 free university courses per semester. This program is free to Arizona students. Out of state full-time students are charged tuition based on the program they choose. The second…