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Registration Open: Transcript Intensive

Last month’s event sold out, but this one is now open!

Building a great transcript with lots of college credit? Jennifer Cook-DeRosa is teaching a special 2-hour intensive transcript class.

Hour 1: Homeschool record keeping, GPA, weighting grades, graduation documents, and more.

Hour 2: We’ll walk through recording remedial, regular, honors, college dual enrollment, CLEP, Advanced Placement, Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, ASU, DSST, continuing education, and every type of credit you’ll encounter!

Bonus hour: In the bonus hour, we’ll dive into case studies of scenarios showing what happened in a homeschool and the best way to present it on a transcript. You’ll leave this workshop ready to write your teen’s transcript with confidence!

Each participant will receive and an opportunity to send Jennifer their transcript for feedback. This event costs $40 and space is limited.

Tuesday July 27, 2021

3:00pm Eastern Standard


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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