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UPDATE: Home Proctoring CLEP

It’s been just 3 months since CLEP launched their at-home proctoring option, and feedback is mixed. This post is full of real tips and comments about using Proctor Track to take a CLEP exam at home.

Home Proctoring FAQ

What is remote proctoring? Each CLEP exam taken at home has the same timing, content, format, and on-screen experience as the test you would take at a CLEP test center. Your at-home appointment will be monitored by a human proctor online through Proctortrack, CLEP’s remote proctoring partner.

What if I can’t take my CLEP remotely? What if I don’t want to? You can still take a CLEP exam at a CLEP test center. Use the CLEP test center search tool to find one near you. CLEP exam centers will continue offering exams, the new home option is simply being added.

What kind of tech do I needWhat kind of room? To participate in remote proctoring, you must have a computer (PC only, no Macs), webcam, speaker, microphone, a white board or one sheet of paper in a transparent sheet protector and a dry erase marker for note taking, and a quiet, secure testing environment.

What ages can participate? 13 and older only. (younger than 13 must go to a testing center)

What special accommodations are available? Screen magnification, modifiable screen colors, extended time, and untimed rest breaks. Approved accommodations that don’t impact the CLEP testing platform, such as permission for food, drinks, or medication and permission to test blood sugar, can also be used with remote-proctored CLEP exams as long as the test taker stays within view of the proctor.

What costs are involved? Currently, the remote proctoring fee is $30 per exam if you do not use Modern States. Those of you with a Modern States testing voucher will automatically have this fee waived when you register. Modern States- Yes, CLEP is free $0

Proctor Track Feedback

“It was a nightmare to get our son’s account established. We had a mistake in his name so there were multiple phone calls and emails to get it worked out. Our email strand had 28 emails! Every phone call and email was with a different call center person out of this country.”

(my follow up about name error) “somewhere in my son’s College Board had accidently auto-populated another family member’s name, so Proctor Track couldn’t sync up with the change even after we got it corrected in our College Board account.”

“The set up is easy. The only recommendation is to download the unity application from the Collegeboard website first.”

“We tried to use this option and could never get it to work….it just kept trying to get us to set up a new account even though we had already done so. We ended up scheduling for in person testing and I’m just having to eat the testing cost.”

“Set up your proctor track account as soon as you register for an exam. It says it takes 4-6 hours to verify identity. My daughter’s account worked perfectly. My son had wait over 48 hours because there was some glitch. Once the account is set up subsequent tests are quick and easy to schedule, the second test we scheduled, we were able to schedule the same day as we purchased the test. My kids say they never want to go to take a test in a test center again! Little do they know I only have 2 more CLEP exams planned for them anyway!”

“Go through the ‘systems check’ to make sure that the webcam, mic, and speakers are all working. I didn’t need to use my mic or speakers as the proctor was speaking to me via text, but you need all 3 in order to take the test.”

“I ended up rescheduling my test, my proctor kept telling me couldn’t see me even though my webcam was on. I don’t know if my internet was slow or my computer. The whole thing is just frustrating. No more at home proctoring for me.”

“Used proctor track yesterday and had no issues. “

“Good luck trying to reach anyone at Proctor Track. Their website states they are available 24/7. Not true. I’ve been calling and calling only to be on hold forever and then ultimately getting an automated voicemail.”

“I couldn’t take my exam because my webcam wasn’t showing up properly but it turned out that I had “mirroring” on. Once I turned that off it was fine. (45 minutes later)”

“I have taken several proctored exams using other proctoring software on my Surface and they all were fine.”

“Modern States will reimburse for Proctor Track testing fee, which is a blessing!”

If your family has used Proctor Track to take a CLEP exam, tell me about it so I can share your valuable feedback in an upcoming post!


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