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HS4CC & Arizona State University Partnership

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Our new ASU partnership allows HS4CC parents access to a variety of college courses without the red tape, transcript submissions, age restrictions, lengthy admissions processes, and regulations typically found at local colleges and universities. We receive no compensation from ASU for this program, but we DO receive access to special courses and programs that you can’t get if you use their regular portal.

About the partnership

Homeschooling for College Credit is a volunteer-led organization that promotes resourceful high school planning and degree attainment by leveraging access to college credit in high school. We are proud to support our members’ educational goals through our partnership with Arizona State University’s Universal Learner Courses Program. Our relationship with ASU allows us to bring HS4CC families access to special courses and programs. We receive no compensation through this partnership.

Accessing the portal and class list:

New students (your teen has never taken an online ASU course) can simply register directly through our portal at

Existing students (your student has taken an ASU course through either Global Freshman Academy, Earned Admission, Universal Learner, or Digital Prep) should email with their ASURITE ID and student name and request to be moved to the HS4CC portal.

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