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Parent Question: How do I find when and where CLEP tests are administered?

Perfect newbie question! You can take your CLEP at home or at an approved testing center.

Approved testing centers use their own business hours, so “when” is up to those hours. It’s an on demand test, so you’ll schedule it within your family’s schedule and the testing center’s hours.

The at-home remote option can be as early as tomorrow- they offer it every 3 hours 24/7/365.

No matter which option you choose, there is a fee associated with proctoring the exam that you’ll pay either to your testing center directly, or through the registration process when scheduling an at-home version (proctored remotely via webcam). Expect this fee to be between $20-$40. Since the test is the same, you should call around and compare prices. WHERE you take your exam makes no difference, and you may find the cost varies significantly!

Don’t forget, the cost of your CLEP and your testing fees can be ZERO $0 if you go through the free Modern States prep first. Take a CLEP for free!

Affordable Dual Enrollment: Campbellsville University

Every Sunday in September and October features an affordable dual enrollment program. To make the cut, a program must be open to students from any state, available online, and charge less than $100 per credit. Today’s program is called “Dual Credit” and it is offered through Campbellsville University at $72 per credit.

Cost Challenge: 4 Courses

In this challenge, I wanted to know exactly what it would cost my family to take 4 courses in 1 semester using any of the popular college credit options in the Homeschooling for College Credit. I’ve compared costs for ASU, dual enrollment, Study(dot)com, Sophia, CLEP, and several others.

Liberty University Discount

Special thanks to Sylvia for sending me this! Liberty University is offering a 15% tuition discount to any small business owner and their employees. This would be for teens AFTER high school (not dual enrollment) toward the rest of a degree. If your teen owns a small business, this might be a great opportunity.


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