Special Transfer? What’s that Mean?

In the HS4CC list of college credit options, I rank them by “transferability” which is a solid way for you to evaluate your options with informed consent. One category is called “Special Transfer” and is in a category by itself. What does it mean anyway? Should you still consider these programs in your homeschool? Are they a good investment?

Special transfer means that the business formally entered an agreement
with one or more colleges to guarantee transfer credit. The special
transfer is unique because inside of a special transfer agreement, pursue
credit in this type of agreement with confidence. That same credit, outside
of a special transfer agreement is not guaranteed and will almost
always default into the limited or improbable transfer category.

Foreign Language Exams – Advanced Placement, CLEP, ACTFL, NYU-FLP

Prior Learning Assessments (PLA)

edX & Coursera MOOC

Christian MOOC—Hillsdale College

UExcel Exams—Excelsior College Exams

TECEP Exams – Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program

CSM Learn – Quantitative Literacy Math Course


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Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit