Classic Learning Test (CLT) 2021 Dates/Prices

The CLT is an online college entrance exam designed for 11th and 12th graders. It is an alternative to, or taken with, ACT and SAT. The CLT is not for college credit, it is an ADMISSIONS exam. Schedule and prices below.

This exam is remote proctored and taken at the student’s home; we also plan to offer in-person proctoring at select test sites in the fall of 2021, and some schools administer the in-person exam to their students on “Partner Schools Only” dates. The CLT takes approximately two hours to complete, and it assesses English, mathematical, and critical reasoning skills. Students receive their scores within 10 business days, and they can instantly share them with an unlimited number of colleges and universities for free.

The cost of the CLT is $54 and includes comprehensive Student Analytics. CLT offers financial assistance to qualifying families – if your circumstances make the cost of the test prohibitive, please fill out our Financial Assistance Request Form, or contact for more information.

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Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit