2 NEW Workshops in September!

We are teaching 2 great NEW workshops that will help you execute your teen’s high school and college degree simultaneously. The first is for Christian families who want to use Christian curriculum to earn college credit and complete a bachelor’s degree at Liberty University. The second is for any family that wants to use a LOT of alternative college credit options like Sophia, Studycom, and CLEP with their dual enrollment to complete a bachelor’s degree at Thomas Edison State University. (see below)

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09/01/2021Thomas Edison State University: Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree. Taught by HS4CC degree planning expert Danika Recore, this 2+ hour intensive livestream class will teach you how your teen can complete most (or all) of their bachelor’s degree in high school using free and super low cost college credit. For teens who want to cash flow college for a fraction of the price and graduate debt-free from a regionally accredited college, you won’t want to miss this! Each participant will receive a handout and a recording of the session. $40 space is limited. 3pm EST – 5pm ESTRegister Now
09/15/2021Liberty University: Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree! You’ll learn how to make the most of your Christian homeschool program by resourcefully planning your teen’s degree from prestigious Liberty University. During this 2+ hour livestream intensive workshop, HS4CC expert Shelley Cloutier will walk you step by step through a degree completion strategy that you can begin anytime in high school. You’ll learn which courses your teen should take, when to take them, and how you can save the most money. By following this Homeschooling for College Credit approach, you will learn how to plan your teen’s degree at Liberty University for less than half of their advertised cost. Each participant will receive a handout and a recording of the session. $40 space is limited. 3pm EST-5pm ESTRegister Now
September 2021


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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  1. I just wanted you to know that you and your staff are doing a great work for the homeschooling community.  It does not go unappreciated! Thank you for all the options you continue to open up to us.   I feel as if I am on the wave of some great new thing that will change the way things are done so that our children have an opportunity to learn what is useful to learn and avoid so many of the pitfalls (including debt!) along the way. A breath of fresh air!

  2. Hi Team, Any idea about the timing of one’s claiming of CLEP credits?  (See exchange with Fin. Aid dept below.) My daughter has qualified for top state college funding here in SC.  Evidently, there are credit limits of some sort that could put her out of keeping them if she does not matriculate from a USC regional 2-year program to their partner program (Palmetto College) 4-year program in time (somewhere between 75 and 90 hours).  However, the 4-year program costs roughly $1500 more a semester and will put her in the position of taking on debt depending on how many years it takes her to complete their BA in sciences.  It is pursuing the sciences, with all their prerequisites, that makes this such a juggle to work out within the remaining 3 years instead of 4. She will be entering as a freshman with around 40 credits.  (Thank you, by the way!  Couldn’t have done it without you!) Have you encountered this before?  Do you have any advice? Thank you! Mikele Grabbe —– Forwarded Message —– From: Cole, Kenneth To: mngrabbe@yahoo.com ; Rowell, Tyrie Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2021, 11:13:00 AM ESTSubject: RE: Summer CLEP credits Hi Ms. Grabbe,

      I honestly have no idea how CLEP credits work.  I can tell you that courses added later have to be counted retroactively for aid eligibility. That is, if they SHOULD have been included prior to start of classes, we do have to go back and adjust aid accordingly.  Now, if the credit was earned later, then I think we would just add them later. I just don’t know how CLEP works.   Also, I did confirm the Lancer Scholarship will be able to continue into the 2nd year even if you enter Palmetto College so long as it is one of our two programs, and you did indicated Bachelors of Liberal Studies.   Thank you, Ken   Kenneth T. Cole Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs

    When submitting documents to our office, any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must first be redacted prior to submission.  View ourSubmission Guidelines for more information.     

    1. CLEP can be earned anytime- it’s technically *not* college credit, it’s potential college credit, so if her credits were earned in high school she’ll enter college / apply for college as a first-time incoming freshman with 0 credits. Once matriculated, her college will evaluate her CLEP credits and apply them to her degree. At that time the credit will replace courses she would have had take (according to the college’s policy) and it would be exactly as if she had taken the classes. The difference on her transcript will be that the credits do not get a grade and of course, she won’t have had to pay for them! CLEP should have zero impact on any aspect of her financial aid (because they are not courses). If you have follow-up questions, please let me know!

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