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August & Summer Celebration!

Did your teen earn college credit this summer?  Did they graduate high school or even college?  We LOVE hearing about that CLEP exam they passed or the hard-earned “B” they squeaked out in College Algebra. Share below so we can celebrate with you!


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6 thoughts on “August & Summer Celebration!

  1. My daughter graduated high school this summer and earned 9 hours of CLEP credit making her incoming freshman total 34 credits.


  2. My sophomore wrapped up 9 credit hours in May, along with passing the US History II CLEP, which should be good for another 3 credits. She also took advantage of a deal offered by our community college this summer, which paid her a $500 stipend to take a 1-credit course required by our state dual enrollment pathway. She’s using the money to help fund her study abroad trip to Japan next spring! We anticipate another 18 DE credit hours this year at a minimum, bringing her to 31 before she even starts her senior year of high school.


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