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Watch Now: Arizona State University Universal Learner Program

This *unofficial* ASU Universal Learner Info Session was hosted by Homeschooling for College Credit experts specifically for homeschoolers who are trying to earn college credit.

Click “play” below to watch!

  • Andrea LaBass, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
    • Basic overview of ASU Universal Learner, planning courses, registering for courses, and studying for success.
  • Ann Dorminy, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
    • Transferring courses to your target college and/or transitioning into ASU’s degree program.
  • Chrystal Smith, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
  • Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, Executive Director of HS4CC
    • Finishing the ASU Bachelor’s Degree after high school without student loan debt

(1 hour)


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