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Affordable Dual Enrollment: Campbellsville University

Every Sunday in September and October features an affordable dual enrollment program. To make the cut, a program must be open to students from any state, available online, and charge less than $100 per credit. Today’s program is called “Dual Credit” and it is offered through Campbellsville University at $56 per credit.

Campbellsville University (Kentucky)

$72 per credit hour

Total cost of a course is calculated as $56 per each credit hour. If the course is 3 credit hours, the total cost of that course is $168.

Campbellsville University (Kentucky)
Private 4-year *religious university
Program Name: Dual Credit
Cost $56 per credit, 10-12th grades, books extra, classes are 8-weeks long (!) which means you can take twice as many classes per term. Since their first 8-week sessions have started, I’ve included those that start during the second 8-week segment.

Campbellsville states that dual credit students have access to their full course list of every 100 and 200 level courses as long as prerequisites have been met. To get a course list, you must provide them with your email and phone number. Happy to take some spam for the team, I gave them my information and received the fall spreadsheet which contained 1600+ courses. Since you can’t filter by level, it’s impossible to copy/paste an accurate list here. There are over 400 online options, but a good number are 300/400 level so would be excluded from the Dual Credit program. This list represents only a handful of their full list.

For more information about this program, visit Campbellsville’s website

Partial Course List

FAART 110 06Understanding ArtOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLPickens, James2981235Online; 2nd bi-term
FABA 100 02Introduction to BusinessOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLDickinson, Amanda31280373Online; 2nd bi-term

BIO 110 03
BiologyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLOnyiri, Ogo3480685Online; 2nd bi-term

CHE 100 02
Introduction to ChemistryOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLDoss, Dee31682230Online; 2nd bi-term
FACHS 111 08Introduction to Old Testament StudyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLWatson, Justin3280873Online; 2nd bi-term
FACHS 121 09Introduction to New Testament StudyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLWatson, Justin3580929Online; 2nd Bi-term
FACHS 121 10Introduction to New Testament StudyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLWatson, Justin31780930Online; 2nd bi-term
FACHS 130 09Christ and CultureOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLMoreira, Fabio3480941Online; 2nd bi-term
FACHS 130 10Christ and CultureOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLGarrison, Shane31580942Online; 2nd Bi-term
FACHS 130 11Christ and CultureOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLCreason, Trent3880943Online; 2nd bi-term
ENG 111 22Freshman Composition IOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLWright, Susan31582587Online; 2nd bi-term
FAENG 112 12Freshman Composition IIOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLRasnic, Scott31080604Online; 2nd bi-term
GEO 105 03Introductory Earth ScienceOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLHarris, Ann3380784Online; 2nd bi-term

MTH 111 06
College AlgebraOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLMatney, Ashlee3180207Online; 2nd Bi-Term
FAMUS 125 05Understanding MusicOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLTinnell, Jennifer Necessary, Scott21681302Online; 2nd bi-term

PHI 241 02
Introduction to PhilosophyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLEarly, Joseph31082735Online; 2nd bi-term
FAPHY 132 04Introduction to AstronomyOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLAlston, Steven31880793Online; 2nd bi-term
FAPOL 110 08American GovernmentOct 18 2021Dec 11 2021OLOLChowning, Kaleb3480291Online; 2nd bi-term

There are hundreds more on their website


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