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Credit by Exam AT HOME: a list

Credit by exam (CBE) allows your teen to study independently and then take an exam worth college credit. During the past year, there has been a huge change in WHERE and HOW tests are taken. Below is the current list credit by exam options and where you can take them.

Credit by Exam

Advanced Placement Exam (AP)Pencil and paper with approval from your local high school
Though online testing was an option during the pandemic, AP has returned to ONLY in-person testing for 2022.
College Level Exam Program (CLEP)Online at home
Online at an approved testing center
DSST/DANTES ExamsOnline at an approved testing center
Saylor Academy (ACE & NCCRS)Online at home
Coopersmith Career Consulting (NCCRS)Online at home
Davar Academy (NCCRS)Online at home
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign LanguageOnline at home (written)
Over phone at home (oral)
NYU-Foreign Language ProficiencyOnline at home
UExcel Exams—Excelsior College ExamsOnline at home
Online at an approved testing center
TECEP Exams – Thomas Edison Credit by Exam ProgramOnline at home
Pencil and paper with an approved proctor

Computer Science Classes & AP Exam

If you’ve been looking for a computer science curriculum to use this fall, I found one you might like! It’s been developed by the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and is free for homeschooling families to use. You can choose to pair this with the AP Exam (resources below) for high school and potential college credit,…


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