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Please help! ORA feedback?

Homeschooling for College Credit would love your feedback on the Oral Roberts University ORA Advantage dual enrollment program.

BASICS: Cost $60 per credit, no age requirement, no placement testing, 15-week courses, a restricted list of classes to choose from. Program website

If you’ve used this program, comment below!


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4 thoughts on “Please help! ORA feedback?

  1. Jennifer,

    Is there a template for transcript I can follow to add dual enrollment classes?

    Let me know what you recommend.

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  2. We’ve used this program for a total of six classes so far. I think it is a great program and is very easy to work with. We had our own adviser to coordinate with and there was no entrance exam. I like that it is a Christian university and the classes reflect that. The online classes are done on your own, so the assignments are laid out for the week and then must be completed by the following week. There are no lectures to attend or watch (at least not with the classes we’ve seen.) It is definitely set up for someone who is good at managing their own time. The teachers are available and will give feedback but the assignments are mostly on your own. It is $60 a credit hour, but there are also a couple of other fees included (the book, for example)-so we usually paid $210 for a three-hour class. They send out a transcript at the end of every semester, so we always have the most current one in our possession. We recently transferred the credits to our local community college (in Texas) and all of them were accepted but I would stick with the core classes if your plan is to transfer. I have been very happy with the program.

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