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September Celebration!

Let’s kick off this school year with a BANG! We want to hear your wins!  Did your teen earn college credit this month?  Did they do something cool?  Share below so we can celebrate with you!

Celebration posts from last September

“CLEP Social Sciences and History (6 credits). Free through Modern States. Daughter said it was an easy test, but I believe this is because of US History I & II, Western Civilization I & II, and other history exams.” -Nicole W

“My son took the Micro Economics CLEP on Monday of last week- he used only the Modern States prep and a few hours of You Tube lectures…he said it was a rather difficult exam compared to others but – Whoo Hoo 3 hours FREE college credit!” -Tracy M

“14 year old son earned 6 credits in September- Environmental Science and US History 1. $100 each course, so $200 for 6 credits! He starts Intro to Computers next week.” -Courtney B

“Mine earned his associates degree! We totally did not intend to do that. He was heading to a 4 year college this fall as a freshman with a lot of credits and when shelter in place orders came in the spring, he decided to keep taking classes through summer. Our advisor said, you know he just needs these 3 classes to graduate, right? So he did!” -Nicole H

“DD15 got her first 8 credits over the summer. She is doing dual enrollment.” -Sandra S

“My daughter earned 3 for Ethics and 3 for Psychology” -Jeanna C

“DD15 earned her first credits with ASU and on her way to 9 more!” -Mary D

“My daughter just earned her first college credits this summer for English 104 Intro to Writing through Concordia University Dual Credit program. She loved the course and did very well! She earned 3 credits and is confident with taking two more dual enrollment courses this fall!” Connie F

Dual Enrollment 101

You keep hearing about dual enrollment, but what is it exactly? Hardly available five years ago, dual enrollment is hot now and growing in popularity. High school students enrolled in a dual enrollment program are “double-dipping” a course for high school and college credit. As an example, a student may take English 101 at the…

CLEP in Your Homeschool: 12 Steps for the Beginner

One of the best ways for your teen to earn college credit in high school is to incorporate CLEP exams into your planning. If you’re nervous about getting started, these 12 steps will get you up and running. CLEP is a credit-by-exam that allows your student to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject and earn…

Let’s Celebrate!

The last day of every month celebrates YOUR success!!  Did your teen earn any college credit this month? If so, share below so we can celebrate with you!


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