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CLEP Pass Rates 2020

Our military receive DANTES funding that pays for their CLEP exams. As a result, each fiscal year they publish the pass rates for each CLEP exam! Hot off the press….

Pass rates are not published for the population of everyone taking a CLEP exam.

The College Board doesn’t share pass rates for CLEP (they do for Advanced Placement) but since the military takes the time to produce a report each year, it is considered the “go to” for pass rates. These reports have been used for decades to rank level of difficulty of exams, but in reality, only represent a small sample of those who took a CLEP exam in 2020.

The pass rates represent a sample, or segment, of the total population that took CLEP exams in 2020.

FY2020 CLEP Military Pass Rate

Who is counted in the report?

  • Service Members: Military personnel, to include active duty, Guard and Reserve components, U.S. Coast Guard, and USCG Reserve members must have and maintain a valid government-issued Common Access Card (CAC) to be eligible for DANTES funding.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Spouses: Spouses of active duty and Reserve Coast Guard members must have and maintain the Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, DD Form 1173 to be eligible for DANTES funding.
  • Air Force Civil Service employees: Non-contract US Air Force civilian employees are eligible for DANTES-sponsored CLEP testing, but must test at on-base or fully-funded test centers.

Keep in Mind

  • Everyone counted in this sample is an adult. (presume a high school graduate or equivalent)
  • Exams that were not popular last year can have a heavy skew. In other words, a very high or very low pass rate may simply be the result of just a few student’s attempts and their results.
  • All “pass” scores are based on the ACE-recommended score
  • A tester’s experience, prior knowledge, and test taking ability all play a role in how difficult the exam is for them to take.
80%College Composition Modular (no essay)
80%Spanish with Writing
80%Spanish Language
70%Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
70%College Composition (essay requirement)
70%Social Sciences & History
67%College Math
64%Human Growth & Development
63%Introductory Sociology
63%Introductory Business Law
63%Natural Sciences
61%Information Systems & Computer Applications
54%German Language
53%American Government
52%English Literature
50%Western Civilization II
47%History of the United States I
46%French Language
44%Western Civilization I
44%Principles of Marketing
43%History of the United States II
38%Introductory Psychology
37%Introduction Educational Psychology
36%Principles of Macroeconomics
36%American Literature
33%Principles of Microeconomics
26%College Algebra
21%Financial Accounting

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