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Which is Harder?

Dual Enrollment Online vs. Nothing? Take this quiz!

Dual enrollment registration is just around the corner and many colleges have presented two options:  Take dual enrollment online or nothing. Parents considering dual enrollment have to weigh a lot of pros and cons under normal circumstances, and now with the added disruption many of us are facing with on-campus classes being temporarily suspended in…

Affordable Dual Enrollment: West Virginia University

In September & October, I’m going to highlight affordable dual enrollment programs. To make the cut, a program must be open to students from any state, available online, and charge less than $100 per credit. Today’s program is called “Access Early College” and it is offered through West Virginia University – it is the CHEAPEST…

CLEP, AP, or Dual Enrollment?

Different types of college credit help your teen in different ways and accomplish different goals. The biggest question is which one will serve YOUR TEEN better than the others? CLEP, Advanced Placement (AP), and dual enrollment are really going to serve different audiences for different reasons. There really isn’t one “best” option for all students,…


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