Welcome to HS4CC

Welcome to Homeschooling for College Credit!

Thank you for joining the HS4CC community!

I’m thrilled to share this community with you and share HS4CC’s approach to resourceful high school planning.

Each month, I host a “welcome event” that gives parents an opportunity to ask questions and gather some basic information about how to start earning college credit. That event is TONIGHT! 5pm EST

I started Homeschooling for College Credit in 2012 as a Facebook page to share the work I was doing in my own homeschool with my teens. I’d spent the previous 20 years in higher education as a college administrator, teacher, advisor, and knew that my knowledge from inside the system would be useful to parents outside the system. The system is designed to make parents feel stupid. I wanted to build a community that helped parents become smart!

Homeschooling parents are smart, resourceful, and highly motivated.

Homeschooling for College Credit, is a community of parents just like you! We’ve grown into a volunteer-led social community that leverages the wisdom and altruism of our members to help each other through public support and encouragement. As a free community, social sharing and public exchange are the foundation from which we build a strong foundation of information and knowledge.


The purpose of Homeschooling for College Credit is to help parents navigate homeschool, high school, and college with information about without enrollment bias. We do not benefit financially from a parent’s college decisions or enrollment- we are a neutral third party.

Be able to afford college

There are over 30 ways to earn college credit in high school, and depending on where you live, much of the college credit your teen earns could be completely free! At the very least, college credit earned during high school is considerably less money than what you’ll pay after your teen graduates. At that point, you’re paying full price and the window of opportunity for free/reduced tuition has closed.


Most families here report that their teens earn anywhere between 30 and 60 college credits in high school. That translates into 1-2 years of college already finished before they graduate from homeschool. While you might think that the teens here must be gifted (some are) the truth is that the overwhelming majority are just normal, average teens working on grade level. The difference is you! Our parents learn how to resourcefully plan their teen’s high school program to bring in college credit in very ordinary and simple ways for very low cost. Parents make the difference!

I believe that…

  • parents make the best high school guidance counselors because they care the most
  • parents, not colleges, are a teen’s best advocate
  • teens should borrow as close to zero as possible for a college degree
  • resourceful high school planning pays big rewards
  • college is a business
  • getting into college is easy, getting out of college is hard

I hope you’ll join me tonight at 5pm EST, so I can introduce you to the exciting possibilities of Homeschooling for College Credit.

Warmly, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S.

P.S. if you can’t make it tonight, that’s ok! I’m hosting another event in a month. You can check the schedule here.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit