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Excelsior College Workshop:1 Week Away!

Join by HS4CC degree planning experts Danika Recore and Jennifer Cook-DeRosa in this 2+ hour live stream intensive class on October 27th. You’ll learn how to resourcefully plan your homeschooling courses to cash flow an affordable bachelor’s degree from Excelsior College.

Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit distance learning institution founded in 1971 focused on providing educational opportunity to adult learners.

The College initially achieved its mission to provide adult learners with a flexible and affordable pathway to a credential through the assessment of learning and the aggregation of credit earned from inside and outside the classroom.

In short: Excelsior allows students to “outsource” their credits earned from other accredited colleges, dual enrollment, Advanced Placement, CLEP, Sophia, TEL Learning, Straighterline, Studycom, CLEP, Outlier, DSST, and all of our other favorite ways to earn college credit at home!

The strategy: As long as the credit meets their criteria and applies to your degree plan, it will transfer in! This means resourceful parents can fill almost all of the requirements with free and low cost credits. Excelsior requires any student to complete 3 courses (7 college credits) with them. Every course you take through the college is full price tuition, but financial aid is available.

The cost: Since you choose where the credits come from, you have total control over the first 113 (of 120) credits. Using alternative resources we’ll teach you about in the class, those credits should cost about $3,500. (cash-flowed before enrollment)

The hard part: Excelsior accepts outside credit, but won’t teach you how to obtain it (after all, it’s in their best interest if you just take their classes.) You’ll learn how to choose classes and credits to DIY your own plan.

The event is LIVE but if you can’t attend, that’s ok! Each participant will receive a handout and a recording of the session. $40 space is limited. 3pm EST – 5pm EST


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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