New 300-Level ASU Universal Learner Course!

CIS308 Advanced Excel in Business. This new upper level course is open to ANYONE in ANY STATE of ANY AGE and best of all, you can enroll for only $25.


CIS 308 Advanced Excel in Business – yes, it’s a 300 level course! We generally refer to 300 and 400 level courses as upper level. These are courses students typically take in their Junior or Senior year and are harder to find at economical prices. Add to that the grade protection offered by all courses in the Universal Learner lineup, and you will understand our excitement! This course will be offered starting Spring 2022 and registration is now open!

Also, coming soon: SST 220 Introduction to Social Transformation. The course has not yet been added to the Universal Learner Portal, but it is expected to be listed soon, with a first start date of Spring 2022!

For those new to ASU’s Universal Learner Program, it is a unicorn amongst college programs. In a nutshell, students can sign up to take a course for just $25 and only pay $400 at the end if you like the grade and want it on a transcript. If you don’t, simply do not pay and there is no record of the course. We like to call it GPA protection and our families love these courses. You can more in depth information about the program on our ASU page.

This program is SO popular in our community that we have a dedicated Facebook group for families using these courses. The group maintains files and feedback for every course in the program. Our ASU Facebook Group

What’s the difference between ASU’s various course programs?

Since this summer, we’ve been BIG FANS of Arizona State’s Earned Admissions program for our homeschooling community, but since that time we’ve learned of a few other options you might like to know about. But what’s the difference between these programs and how do they fit into a Homeschooling for College Credit program?