New Lab Science: MEL Med

Some of you may know that I’ve used and written about MEL Chemistry many times. We used it as a high school science lab along with a college course and were super impressed. MEL is rolling out a new product called MEL Medical. It looks AMAZING.

First, this product hasn’t been released yet; they are taking sign-ups for the first release in December. (I am on their list to get a sample)


For teens who might have teens interested in healthcare / medicine/dentistry the limited PRE-ORDER sign up will ship at Christmas. 😉 If you sign up, let me know! I’d love to collect other’s feedback about this lab.

Diagnose patients like real medical students!

  1. Watch new pre-recorded video interviews every month.
  2. Collect full patient histories.
  3. Check the results of lab tests and make diagnoses.
  4. Receive feedback and understand your mistakes.
  5. Meet a new patient every month.

MEL Med! In-depth medical experiments have never been so accessible. From dentistry and surgery to pharmacology and electrocardiography, our new subscription is packed with experiments. It’s the most comprehensive subscription we’ve ever released. Quite a few tools were designed and produced from scratch especially for MEL Med, and many others are exactly the same as professionals use in their daily routine.”

Therapy set equipment

How to get high school credit:

As a stand-alone, this is not going to work as a full curriculum- but this product is intended to use as a hands on lab. I have 3 suggestions that can work for a high school program

  1. as a science. Pair with your favorite 2-semester high school level Anatomy and Physiology curriculum. (1 hs credit)
  2. as a fun elective. Pair with a 1-semester Health /Wellness video series. (0.5 hs credit)
  3. as career exploration. Use alone to dive into a variety of health and related occupation topics to see if your student is interested in a career in one of these areas. (non-credit)

How to get college credit:

Pair this with Study(dot)com’s 3 credit course called Biology 105 Anatomy and Physiology

  • While your teen completes the course online, have them use MEL Med for the at-home lab.
  • Blending Studycom with MEL lab: parent awards 1 high school lab science credit on the high school transcript in Anatomy and Physiology with Lab, the student receives 3 college science without lab credits from Studycom.
  • Save money strategy: Subscribe to their (cheaper $60) non-college credit learning option for this class during the months that your student is learning. Once they get close to finishing the class, upgrade your account to College Accelerator program ($199) and they can then take the webcam proctored final exam to earn college credit.

UExecl offers 3 different Anatomy and Physiology exams worth college credit. Note that the 6-credit exam covers both A&P 1 and A&P 2, so take either the 6 credit exam or the individual 3-credit exams. These exams are taken at home online with a webcam proctor.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit