A Little Extra Credit

If your teen is using dual enrollment this year, you may experience a large “gap” between the end of this semester and the start of the next. My son’s dual enrollment college takes a full 4-week break! If you need a break, take it, but if your teen’s break is long like ours, you may not want to sit out that long.

There are a handful of good ways to bring in a little extra college credit this holiday season without an extraordinary amount of work.

Minimesters / Winter Sessions

Colleges and universities often offer special accelerated classes during this period. These can take place in person or online. One of my favorite college classes was offered as a minimester through my local community college. The class took place entirely inside of Christmas break. I completed a 3-credit course that I transferred back to my regular degree program at my 4-year university. The course lasted only 14 days! I didn’t find the workload impossible (brisk, but doable).

Self-Paced TEL Learning

TEL Learning is a unique program because it is a business (not a college) but their courses will actually appear as college courses on an official college transcript. This is a big differentiator from other businesses that only generate college credit when you attend one of their partner colleges. In this case, you can attend any college you like! TEL courses are entirely self-paced, and most can easily be completed in under a month.

CLEP Exams

Has your teen finished high school Algebra 1 or is a strong reader? Consider attempting the CLEP College Mathematics or CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature exams for up to 9 college credits. These exams can be attempted for free when your teen earns a test voucher by completing a free Modern States CLEP prep course.

Harvard Extension January Sessions

I really loved the courses I took through Harvard Extension! Yes, it’s “really Harvard” but the Extension division is an open enrollment opportunity for anyone. The January session allows completion of a full semester college course in just 3 weeks! Why doesn’t everyone take them? They are expensive (480/credit), you have to be 15 to take a class, and they are insanely challenging with tons of reading and writing. If your teen takes 1, be sure that is the ONLY thing on their schedule and also know that their classes often meet live (online) – there are about 35 classes offered this January term, but many are advanced and many have prerequisites. I’ve selected 7 and given a few comments for each)

  1. BIOS E-179 Experimental Molecular Genetics (for a teen who already took and excelled in high school biology and wants a challenge. Award 1 high school science/ adv. biology credit)
  2. ENVR E-190 Urban Agriculture (for a teen who can write persuasively and has a passion for social justice and food security issues. Award 1 high school social science credit)
  3. GOVT E-1353 Leadership and Politics (for a teen with a passion for politics and government. Award 1 high school government credit)
  4. GOVT E-1372 The Civil Rights Movement in America (for a teen with a passion for civil rights and history. Award 1 high school social science /history credit)
  5. PSYC E-1018 Psychological Resilience (for a teen who enjoyed their prior course in psychology and can write well. Award 1 high school credit in social science/ psychology)
  6. PSYC E-1037 Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine (excellent follow up to someone who has taken the Human Growth and Development CLEP or is interested in pursuing a future career in health/wellness/nutrition/dietetics/counseling/medicine. Award 1 high school credit in health)
  7. SSCI E-115 Class and Culture (for a teen who enjoyed Intro to Sociology or who passed the Anthropology DSST exam. Award 1 high school social science credit)

I’m hosting 2 live Homeschooling for College Credit events next week to help you look further at these great opportunities. We’ll have plenty of time for your questions! Hope to see you there.

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