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GUEST APPEARANCE: High School Hamster Wheel

High School Hamster Wheel Betsy Jewell is a career and college coach and host of High School Hamster Wheel Podcast. The High School Hamster Wheel is a podcast for parents of teens and young adults exploring paths through and beyond high school. In this episode, we dive into what inspired Jennifer Cook-DeRosa to launch Homeschooling for College Credit and how she tested out of two degrees in 18 months. She also explains how to adapt these principles for adult learners or teens who aren’t homeschooled.

“Talk about eye opening! I have two kids in high school, one about to graduate, and most of this was news to me…I am blown away by how much Jennifer knows about all of this and she does this all for free! What an incredible opportunity for parents and teens to save time and money while earning college credits.” -Betsy Jewell

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