WATCH NOW: Videos Coming Your Way!

I’m taking advantage of the wonderful technology available to me this holiday season. In the coming weeks, I’m sharing all the wonderful recorded lectures, workshops, special guest appearances, and otherwise exciting content that you might have missed this year. I hope you enjoy these “WATCH NOW” highlights from 2021! Let’s start it off with this segment from the Learning Lounge Podcast.

International Institute for Innovative Instruction Dr. Joel Gardner is the Assistant Dean of Instructional Design at Franklin University and is an expert in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. In Dr. Gardner’s interview, he invites Jennifer to discuss the issues of access and affordability of college education as well as approximately 44.7 million Americans who have outstanding student loans. Jennifer shares her insights about reducing debt and increasing college completion rates by coming to college with transfer credits from high school. Watch Now (20 minutes)

Liberty University’s Interdisciplinary Degree

Liberty University is a HS4CC favorite because it allows parents to get a really big head start in high school (up to 90 college credits) for super low cost. This post will highlight one of their most flexible options, the Interdisciplinary Studies bachelor’s degree.

High School Medical Classes

Today’s Blog If your teen is considering a career in a health or medical field, I have some interesting electives you can add to your high school curriculum to give them a head start. These aren’t worth college credit (you’ll award high school credit) but some, like those offered through the American Red Cross, result…


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