Career Trajectory

It’s easy to forget that learning takes a long time- that even when our teens get their degree, that the mastery that follows is developed over a lifetime. I read a news report last week about retraining and reskilling. That our children’s careers will take them into fields that are not yet even invented!

Our students are at the Learner stage. They are entering the door of their profession. They are earning a credential, studying the theory, and applying their knowledge to the job. They are gaining experience and becoming a well-rounded competent employee with problem-solving skills. The Learner is a doer of his craft. THIS is the stage we launch our teens into – this is the beginning of their real world education.

Only after many years does the Learner become the Leader. The Leader has solid career experience, depth of understanding, and strong critical thinking skills. The Leader knows what it takes to lead the team to a successful result and can navigate the challenges of the job. The Leader is an overseer of craftsmen. The Leader’s expertise and mastery takes him into his role as Teacher.

The Teacher brings over 30 years experience and depth necessary to train the next generation. The Teacher has lived through the industry changes and understands the essential needs necessary to training new Learners entering the field.

It is tempting to think that our role as homeschooling parent is to give them all the education they need as they enter this world- but their path is long, and it will likely be filled with exciting and challenging phases of their career. Homeschooling for College Credit is only the tiny sliver at the beginning of their exciting adventure.

I (don’t) Have a Dream (job)

I don’t remember being commanded in high school (late 1980’s)to find my “dream job.”  I remember having a few subjects I really liked: Home Economics (cooking) and Biology (genetics).  However, after many years of taking aptitude and ability test, my guidance counselors pushed me into cooking over biology (they were right).  Still, no one asked me if cooking…

Outdoor Summer Jobs for Teens

If your teens are anything like mine, it’s way past time to get OUTSIDE! Beyond a normal summer job, I think this pandemic has many of us ready to get away from the computer and into the fresh air.

Teen Jobs with Tuition Programs

I often speak about our family’s move across the country to access a free tuition program through my husband’s employer, but these kinds of benefits are sometimes available to our teens too.  Your teen’s part-time job in high school or college can have big rewards. Tuition programs vary dramatically, there really isn’t a “one size…


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