WATCH NOW: Guest Appearance Humility and Doxology

Humility and Doxology Amy Sloan and her husband are second-generation homeschoolers who follow a “restfully classic” approach to homeschooling their 5 children. Humility and Doxology’s Podcast interviews with real-life homeschool moms, dads, and other educators on all sorts of topics that affect our lives as homeschool parents. “I loved Jennifer’s encouragement and down-to-earth approach, and especially her reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all model for this homeschool high school and college/career journey. This is a conversation you’ll want to listen to today, then save and listen to again as you consider choices for your homeschool teens!” -Amy Sloan Watch Now (45 minutes)

Dental School without Debt

I first did some research for a family member in 2015 and posted this info, but this method still works today, so it’s worth sharing again. Can you become a dentist without student loan debt?  Absolutely!

CLEP Pass Rates 2020

Our military receive DANTES funding that pays for their CLEP exams. As a result, each fiscal year they publish the pass rates for each CLEP exam! Hot off the press….


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit