Future Course Approval @ Liberty

High school students may take college courses from a handful of schools before eventually sending everything off to their target college. In most cases, you plan those courses without a college’s guarantee or advice from an advisor. Today I want to tell you about the “Future Course Approval” process for students planning a degree at Liberty University.

If your teen is planning a degree at Liberty University (online or residential) after high school, they have a process that allows you to have all of their credits earned before enrollment approved in advance! This is a VERY unique feature as almost no college allows this kind of advisement prior to enrollment. We think this is a special feature and one that you should know about.

Liberty University is a unique dual enrollment provider because your teen can take the same course that are used in the degree while in high school but at a reduced tuition rate. In addition, resourceful parents can bring in alternative college credits for pennies on the dollar and arrange their teen’s bachelor’s degree for about 25% of the advertised price.

Having courses (not credit by exam like CLEP) approved in advance requires submitting the following form below. Credit by exam doesn’t need a form since Liberty publishes their CLEP policies for everyone on the website. See Liberty CLEP Policy

When do I use a Future Course Request form?
If you plan to register for any course at another institution with the intent of transferring that course to Liberty, you should complete this form. (below)
Seek the advice of your Advisor when preparing this request.

What are some guidelines I need to be aware of before submitting this type of request?

  1. Is the other institution accredited? Check  Accreditation Status.  
  2. Please review the Transfer Policy  for the program you are pursing at Liberty  
  3. Grade:  Only grades of “C” or better are accepted into Undergraduate programs.  Courses earning grades of P or S are not transferable. Grades from outside institutions are not included in your Liberty grade point
  4. Academic Standing: Courses at another institution cannot be used to change your academic standing or serve as a reason for reinstatement following a dismissal. 
  5. Calendar System:  If the other college/university is based on a calendar system other than semester hours, the credits will be converted to semester credit at the time of evaluation.  
  6. Graduation Requirements: Be aware of the graduation requirements for your degree completion plan, particularly the number of hours to be taken through Liberty University. 

Liberty Planning Workshop

December 15, 2021

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Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit