Parent Review: Liberty University BIBL104

If your student is planning a degree at Liberty, BIBL104 is one of the requirements. My 2 boys took it this semester online through dual enrollment, and here is my feedback.

At Liberty University, their online and residential programs both require a bundle of Christian studies courses. By transferring in 45 or 60 resourcefully planned credits, you will reduce your overall time and cost for your degree. Homeschooling for College Credit parents can easily do this by accumulating these college credit in high school through Sophia, CLEP, DSST, or other alternative credits. Still, every student will need to complete the BIBL courses below (in red).

The BIBL courses can be taken in high school through their dual enrollment program (cheaper) or after high school as a degree seeking student (more expensive).

It is very difficult to find an alternative course at another university that Liberty will allow to be transferred in as BIBL 104, but it is easy to find courses that will transfer as BIBL 105 and BIBL 110.  If you are seeking an online degree from Liberty, you can choose to take both BIBL 105 + BIBL 110 instead of BIBL 104.

If your student takes BIBL 104 from Liberty’s dual enrollment program, it will cost $730 for this 4-credit course.  But you may be able to bring that cost down by finding less expensive dual enrollment courses for BIBL 105 and BIBL 110 (two 2-credit courses).  Of course, that wouldn’t save time but learning the material should also be an important factor when deciding what courses your student should take.

Liberty University Online Degrees

·         RLGN 104 – Waived when transferring in 45 credits or more

·         BIBL 104 – required (Survey of Old and New Testament – 4 credits)

·         THEO 104 – Waived when transferring in 60 credits or more

Liberty University Residential Degrees

·         RLGN 105 – Waived when transferring in 45 credits or more

·         EVAN 101 – Waived when transferring in 45 credits or more

·         BIBL 105 – required (Survey of Old Testament – 2 credits)

·         BIBL 110 – required (Survey of New Testament- 2 credits)

·         THEO 201 – Waived when transferring in 60 credits or more

·         THEO 202 – Waived when transferring in 60 credits or more

My two boys took BIBL 104 this semester 

  • 8-week course
  • Old & New Testament
  • There were 3 online books that they had to read from each week
  • Weekly discussion questions (word count requirements)
  • 4 Assignments (count requirements)  
  • Weekly videos

One online book helped with the discussion questions and assignments, the other book was needed for the quizzes and the final book was just helpful life lessons (which also had the least number of pages to read). The quizzes were open book/open note and you were given unlimited attempts to pass.

My boys are both good readers with one of them being a particularly fast reader and loves reading. Neither struggle with writing.

Here is what my boys thought of the class: 

  • Learning both the Old and New Testament in 8 weeks is unreasonable.
  • Way too much reading each week that turned it into “just get the reading done” instead of actually learning the material.
  • Quizzes weren’t hard or tricky even if you didn’t do all the reading because they were open book/open note and you could use the search feature to find ideas.
  • Assignments and discussions had thought provoking questions.
  • It isn’t hard to pass the class.
  • It is hard to learn from it because of the time constraints.
  • One of my sons said that the book that had the least amount of reading and covered life lessons was the one that he learned the most from. (Courageous Faith: Life Lessons from Old Testament Heroes by Ed Hindson)

What I thought about the class:

Overall, I would’ve preferred that they took BIBL 105 and BIBL 110 instead of the condensed course because I believe they would’ve learned more.  Unfortunately, Liberty doesn’t have a 16-week option for BIBL 104 which would’ve been a better option for them by giving them more time with the material. Even if that was the only class they were taking that semester, I still don’t think it would’ve been the best scenario because they just don’t like to spend that many hours per day reading one subject.  Even though it is just a survey class, they wished they had more time to get more out of it than they did. 

If you do choose to find courses at another university to cover BIBL 105 and BIBL 110, be sure to confirm Liberty will take those courses by using their transfer calculator or filling out their Future Course Request Form and getting preapproval.

Transferable Credit Hours Calculator


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  1. Can you give us the title of the book with life lessons that your son’s learned the most from? Thank you for this review. It was helpful.

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