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Double Celebration!

Our HS4CC Georgia moderator Ann is also one of our Arizona State University experts! As we celebrate her son’s graduation today, ASU took the time to celebrate and acknowledge homeschooling parents! It’s a double celebration. HS4CC is super proud to be a partner with ASU and they continue to go above and beyond in extending resources and benefits to our homeschooling community.

“ASU prides itself on inclusiveness. At this afternoon’s commencement, all teachers were honored, specifically including home school teachers! At previous graduations, I felt very self-conscious standing when teachers were honored. ASU made me feel right at home! There were a tremendous number of first-generation grads and a large number of veterans at the undergrad event. My son below had his start with ASU with these Universal Learner classes and has a job in his chosen field that starts Friday. We are super proud of him!” -Ann Dorminy, Moderator for HS4CC Georgia and ASU Course Group

Watch the ASU Information Session to learn more about how your teen can earn college credit with ASU.

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