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HS4CC on Facebook

I’m so glad you follow this HS4CC Facebook page, but if you want to know what opportunities for college credit are available to you in your state, be sure to join your state group! That’s the best place to learn about free dual enrollment, local associate degrees, and transferring into 4-year state colleges. We have 50+ Facebook groups all led by volunteer homeschooling parents just like you!

Our State-Based Groups

Your state-based group is where you’ll get the best information about how to earn college credit in your area. Every state differs in terms of access, cost, laws, graduation requirements, and college admissions requirements. It’s the BEST way to get accurate information!

Our Specialty Communities

These groups are families who are earning college credit and also focused on a special activity or goal. Official HS4CC branded communities are facilitated by well-trained volunteers who are knowledgeable and experienced at bringing college credit into their own homeschool. All are homeschooling parents with the heart of a teacher.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit